Food Scientist for Hire


We are passionate foodies that live and breathe food. We are a food consultant collective that develops food and drink products from concept to launch. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, a large FMCG company or a local food manufacturer, we can help. We think globally but act locally. We create solutions that are practical and work. We are global but with a focus in Europe, USA, UK and Australia.


Nicolas Tsisios
Senior food technologist
Nicolas is a senior food technologist with over 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. He has worked for some of the largest companies in the world, including Mars and Unilever, and has successfully launched over 100 products across various categories. Nicolas is an expert in product development, recipe creation, and product formulation, and has a deep understanding of the science behind food and beverage production. He is a passionate advocate for using technology to improve the efficiency and quality of food production and has been involved in several innovative projects in this area.
Lisanne van der Kooi
Senior food product developer

Lisanne is the bakery wiz of the team. She is a senior food product developer who has worked with McVities and Go Ahead. She is an expert in food ingredient functionality and has a deep understanding of how ingredients react to each other. By knowing the science of each ingredient in a food product, she always has a practical solution for every situation. Lisanne has run and managed a start-up factory from A to Z that made fermented products and has also filed a patent for one of her inventions – sandwiched together biscuits with savoury cream in the middle.

Mark Schomberg
Culinary specialist

Mark is a culinary specialist with over 15 years of experience working in hospitality managing busy kitchens and direct line management of up to 5. Currently working within the FMCG sector specialising in food trends, consumer needs, project management & concept creation he is a keynote speaker on culinary trends and food innovations. With extensive knowledge of front-end innovation and implementation, Mark is an amazing presenter that can tell you everything about trends, food, and food creation.

Dimitra Kapali
Registered Dietitian - Nutritionist MSc

Dimitra is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with an MSc in Nutrition in Health & Disease. With her vast experience in nutrition, health and regulatory affairs, Dimitra can set up a targeted nutritional profile or health plan for any product! This can be infant formula, people with specific diseases, or even animal nutrition. Dimitra is also passionate about translating scientific information into practical advice, influencing research to be commercially relevant, and helping people make health-conscious decisions about food.

Victor Hong PhD
Culinary specialist

Victor became a Food Scientist, a profession where he could combine his love of food along with his talent for research and development. With a Ph.D. in Food Science, Victor brings over 25 years of Food Science experience including product development, food safety, 

process development and food marketing. Victor’s portfolio of achievements include: over 50 new product introductions (with an emphasis on beverages and health products) into the marketplace, several proprietary food processes and lots of happy customers. Victor currently lives in San Jose, CA., Victor has a BS degree in Food Science from the University of California at Davis and MS and PhD degrees from Oregon State University.

Julian "Ramsworth" Dickerson
Chef & Food stylist

Chef “Ramsworth” Julian brings his Culinary expertise and knowledge from time spent in the Medical Food and Bev field where he learned Dietary Nutrition. From there attending Le Cordon Bleu of Dallas and Chicago, working under household names such as; 

Roy Yamaguchi, Stephanie Izard to name a couple and with over 13 years of restaurant experience and 3 years Personal Chef experience. Catering with top notch Hospitality he joins a company gaining SQF experience, HACCP and USDA inspection training with his 3 year tenure working with Blue Apron as FSQA Superintendent. Using his knowledge of food science and food safety he brings his services with optimal customer satisfaction.
Frank Smeltink
Processing Specialist

Frank is a highly experienced professional in the food processing industry, with over 30 years of expertise in process engineering, project management, sales, and general management. He has worked with renowned suppliers of food processing machines and lines, serving a diverse range of clients from small regional companies to multinational food producers.

Frank specialises in designing and optimizing processing installations, enhancing existing processes, optimizing Cleaning In Place (CIP) systems, expertise in aseptic processing, recipe matching, troubleshooting support, conducting reviews of food processing installations and CIP sets, and implementing hygienic design principles.

His knowledge covers various sectors of the food industry, including emulsions, ready meals, fruit-based products such as jam and marmalade, bakery ingredients like caramel and fillings, and aseptic processing. 

Terence Lopez
Branding expert

Terence is a branding expert with extensive experience in graphic design who can take your branding to the next level. He has worked with entrepreneurs and blue-chip businesses and has successfully branded 100s of products. Terence is especially skilled in packaging design and labels for food products making your products really stand out from your competitors. We can provide our branding portfolio at request.