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The Beverage Boom is Here to Stay


Innovation in the beverage industry is trending! The European beverages market is projected to amount to a staggering $75.09 billion in 2024. Key international brands pour time and money into developing new products, from beauty and sports energy drinks to vodka and CBD beverages.

One of the industry’s major players, the Coca-Cola Company, currently offers 3,500 beverages in 200 countries. Today, the brand’s net worth is $266.17 billion. That’s impressive for a company that, in 1886, was selling their soda fountain drink made with Dr. John Pemberton’s syrup for 5 cents a glass!

Coca-Cola’s success is due to its ongoing commitment to satisfying consumers’ changing tastes and nurturing brand loyalty. From humble beginnings, the global giant’s lineup now includes juices, teas, coffees, sports drinks, smoothies, and more.

Some 19th-century drinkers weren’t opposed to imbibing stronger stuff! In the 1850s, Gordon’s gin-loving Aussies would even buy the juniper-matured drink with gold dust!

Today, Gordons is the world’s No.1 best-selling gin which proves when it comes to investing in food and drink companies, it’s time to raise a glass.


Acidity is measured using the pH scale which runs from 0-14. Your beverage’s pH determines its aroma and flavor. The more acidic a beverage, the lower its pH value. Phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, and citric acid are common low-pH ingredients used to preserve and impart a refreshing tart taste!

The FDA classes any product with a pH lower than 4.6 as high acid. Why is this relevant? Because high-acid drinks may have to follow different local regulations. Plus, it’s important to consider the health impacts of high vs. low-acid drinks.

Your beverage’s pH value is to the manufacturing and packaging process and your marketing strategy. Our team at Food Scientists for Hire provides regulatory, nutritional, and branding advice to ensure your beverage hits the mark!


Statistics show that after bottled water, carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) were the USA’s most consumed beverage in 2022. This category is clearly a significant player in the world drinks market! So, it’s little wonder that a Food Scientist for Hire beverage, UpTheCombi, became a success Down Under.

Is soda not your cup of tea? Our talented team has played a key role in bringing various projects to the market, including premium vodka brand Billion and a range of plant-based milks and concentrates.


Do you have a brilliant beverage idea? Food Scientist For Hire will help bring your beverage concept to life. Our experts will tackle the technical side, giving you the headspace to get creative!

Whether your quest to enter the beverage hall of fame involves sparkling soda, plant-based milk, or alcoholic tipples, we have the skills to transform your concept into reality.

You won’t need Dutch courage to go it alone! From the initial complimentary consultation call to your personalized beverage development plan, Food Scientist for Hire will be with you every step of the way.