Food Scientist for Hire


Food Scientist For Hire has been asked to create an economically viable fermented chilli product that would also have a mass-market appeal in the Australian market. A challenging task that inspired our foodies to give the best they got!

After the brief was executed, we accomplished to exceed our client’s expectations in regards to flavour delivery and pricing! Made by fermented chilis from Australia our hot sauce had a surprisingly good lemony and garlicky taste that is just perfect for sandwiches, on top of rice, or just on top of anything really.

We only used local ingredients to make things more convenient, easy and affordable. We also optimized the process to get full flavour delivery and streamlined the manufacturing. This project has delivered sales and listings to 600+ Woolworths stores which is one of the leading retailers in Australia

It turned out to be a better choice than Frank’s hot sauce who was the best hot sauce in the local market at the time. So if you have a similar product idea, don’t hesitate to contact us today!