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Choco-Quino Product

Nicolas participated in Ecotrophelia, a European product development competition that can be thought of as the Eurovision of Food. Nicolas, along with 2 other teammates, won the Dutch finals, which led to their presentation of an innovative product called Choco-Quino at Anuga 2013 – one of the largest food expos in the world. They managed to win the second prize and shared a 4000 EURO monetary prize. Ecotrophelia is sponsored by the European Commission and several blue-chip industry partners such as Nestle, Heineken and Mondelez.

Choco-Quino is a high-protein chocolate quinoa beverage that can be produced from natural and fairtrade ingredients such as water, cocoa and quinoa. The quinoa we used was 100% organic and is being utilised from the protein waste of a start-up company in Sweden. The company used the starch of the quinoa grain to produce all-natural skin moisturising creams. The rest of the ingredients of the drink were sugar, cocoa powder, salt and vanilla extract. Choco-Quino contained all of the essential amino acids required, was gluten-free, low in fat and lactose making it a perfect beverage for kids.

The product was UHT (Ultra High Temperature) sterilised and packaged in shelf-stable Tetra Pak packages. This method of processing greatly reduced the number of spoiled products since it substantially increased the shelf-life, eliminated the need for refrigerated transport and storage.

Choco-Quino is an excellent choice for people of all ages, especially children and lactose-intolerant individuals. It’s also a great vegan alternative to dairy products, as it’s high in protein and low in fat and calories. This makes Choco-Quino a nutritious and delicious option for anyone looking for a healthy drink.