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Five Tips to Grow a Beverage Brand

Five Tips to Grow a Beverage Brand

If you are thinking to take your brand to the next level, there’s no better time than now.

Here are five tips to make sure that your products reach the right audience:

1. Find a niche distributor for your category. You can’t just sign up with any old distributor—you need to find someone who understands the unique needs of your product and its target customers. For example, if your product is a sugar-free vitamin water, you will have a higher chance of listing it with a distributor that specialises in Diabetic, low-sugar, weight-loss or Keto product categories.

2. Look for listings with independent retailers that carry similar products in your category. They’ll be able to give you good insights into what sells best and what could be improved in your proposition before making a full-scale launch into larger markets. These retailers can sell directly to their customers without having to go through a middleman/distributor which can often increase costs.

3. Attend farmers’ markets as often as possible (at least once every two weeks). These events are a great way for people who live locally to taste test your products and see what kind of response they get. You will be getting valuable feedback and marketing insights for your product designs, brand and formulations. You may also have access to other vendors who may be interested in carrying some of your products as well!

4. Attend food expos where people can sample your products. This will expand your network with potential distributors and retailers who might be interested in carrying your products!

5. Work with a marketing consultant who specialises in helping brands grow successfully online through digital advertising campaigns like Google Ads, SEO or TikTok Ads. The more awareness that people have about what your company does (and why they should buy from you), the better chance you will be of attracting new customers who are looking for something similar.

 Here is a video where we had our Bruno’s UP THE COMBI promotional tour around Australia @ Byron Bay Music Festival where we could see first-hand people’s reactions to our product.