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Go Ahead Goodness Bar All Natural Healthy Bar

The Goodness bar was developed by one of the company founders Lisanne van der Kooi when she worked with Pladis (producer of McVities, Jacob’s) as a healthy alternative to the sugary, unhealthy snacks that are all too common. With the raw bars, you can be sure to have a varied and balanced diet without breaking the bank! The raw bars contain only natural ingredients like dates, nuts, raisins and oats.

All of the ingredients are being pressed together to create a truly natural production process. No sugars are added and no heat treatment is used, making the Goodness bar a truly healthy snack option.

Three great flavours were developed: Cocoa & Orange, Cocoa & Hazelnut, and Coconut. All three were successfully launched in Tesco and Asda stores in the UK and Albert Heijn stores in the Netherlands. If you’re looking for a gluten and dairy-free snack that’s actually good for you, look no further than the Goodness bar!
Also if you want to launch a similar snack in your local market, feel free to contact us today!