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LIQUID SMOKE: BBQ Flavour in a Bottle

Have you ever tried Wright’s liquid smoke? It’s a great way to add that real BBQ flavour to your food, without actually using a BBQ. It’s perfect for those that want a smokey flavour in their marinade/burgers without turning on the barbecue. The only problem is that it can be quite expensive, and sometimes difficult to find in Australia.

That’s why Food Scientist For Hire set out to create a more cost-effective, Australian-made alternative that would give our customers the same great taste, without the high price tag. We sourced all of our ingredients from Australia, and we’re happy to say that our liquid smoke is just as flavourful as Wright’s but at a lower price.

So if you are facing the same situation where you want to re-create an outside product in your country using only ingredients found near you, make sure to leave us a message and we will be happy to help you!

Liquid Smoke
BBQ in Bottle