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THE BEAUTY CHEF: Beauty Begins In The Belly

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Food Scientist For Hire is diverse! We not only create delicious and healthy recipes for all kinds of food and drinks, but we can also help create a recipe for edible beauty products!

And this is exactly what we did for The Beauty Chef!

The Beauty Chef was born out of a philosophy that ‘beauty begins in the belly’. Having studied the benefits of natural ingredients for the last fifteen years, the founder created this pioneering ‘edible skin care’ range from remedies concocted from her kitchen and herbs grown in her garden.

But in order to be a mass success, The Beauty Chef needed a better and more health-oriented recipe. This is when Food Scientist For Hire stepped in to help! We have re-developed her recipes by adding additional probiotic and nutritional punch to the formulas.

This resulted in a great increase in health benefits and the creation of 4 new astounding flavours. And all of that was achieved without altering the initial beautiful flavours that their consumers loved! With the new recipes, we scaled everything up to some superb products that were launched in Australia, USA and UK and had a mass market success!

Her sought-after probiotic powders and youth-boosting elixirs now deliver a hefty hit of vitamins and minerals and promote a healthy balance in the gut. All of which have a knock-on effect on the rest of the body – helping to burn fat, build muscle tissue and give your skin and hair a fabulous new lease of life.

If you need help with your edible health product or want to create one from scratch, don’t hesitate the contact us!