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THE SUCCES STORY OF UP THE COMBI: How a Man With a Vision Created a New Healthy Drink

In November 2019 Food Scientist For Hire was approached by an Australian customer to develop a healthy and delicious drink that includes apple cider vinegar. The customer had already made a few drinks in their own kitchen but wanted to scale up the homemade recipe and launch it in Australia.

After six weeks of testing different flavours, the foodies at FSFH landed on a winning combination! Forged by passion and love the Apple & Raspberry and Mango & Passionfruit flavours were created. The drinks contained fruit juices, apple cider vinegar, and a bit of sparkling bubbles for a refreshing taste. They were also vegan, low in sugar and calories, and contained absolutely no artificial ingredients.

This was the perfect mix for anyone who loves a refreshing healthy drink!

Filled with excitement our graphic designer then got to work on creating some outstanding designs for the new healthy drinks. The designs he created looked as refreshing as the drink tasted! When the designs were finished we printed them and placed the label on the bottle.

Now we were ready to go to market!

We contacted a small factory in Sydney that was happy to produce our new drinks and the first 3000 bottles rolled off the line in June 2020. This was the start of the UpTheCombi adventure!

During the winter of 2020, we made a fascinating amount of sales in Australia which gave us the green light to increase production and develop a third flavour: Ginger & Lemon. In one year, we produced a total of 80,000 bottles, which are now for sale in 8 Coles stores in Sydney, 20 IGAs in Adelaide, Sydney and regional NSW, and various regional shops in NSW.  

This is one of those amazing success stories that we will never forget!

In memory of Bruno Marando, try the bold flavours of the apple cider vinegar range of Bruno’s UptheCombi ( Aussie made with all the goodness from apple cider vinegar! Made with 100% organic ingredients for a healthy and refreshing experience!

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